Declare a Social Data Science Major

Current UMD students interested in declaring Social Data Science as a primary or secondary major must complete a two step process:

  • Register for and attend an SDSC information meeting.

  • After attending an SDSC information meeting students will be invited to an ELMS page to complete and submit a one-year registration projection. Upon successfully submitting an accurate projection the iSchool Undergraduate Student Services Office will process the major change. 

**Please note, review of your registration projection can take up to 10 business days from the time it was submitted. You are encouraged to visit iSchool Ambassador Drop-In Hours with any questions to ensure you submit an accurate plan.**


Academic Advising

Students will work with an iSchool Undergraduate Student Services Advisor as they enter the program. Students will work with an iSchool Advisor for at least one semester in order to complete Mandatory Advising and develop a full academic plan. 

Upon declaring a track in Social Data Sciences students will transition to advising in the Feller Center in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences. 

Students must declare a track in Social Date Science by the time they reach 60 credits. 

Students entering into Social Data Science with more than 60 complete credits must declare a track in their first semester. 

Advising questions can be directed to sdsc [at]

Graduating students